Which arrondissement of Paris is the most pleasant to live in?

Finding an accommodation in Paris is not an easy as the demand is higher than the supply. We have to know what we are looking for, more importantly, where we are searching for it. Each district of Paris is a complete microcosm, with its structure, access, organization, standards of living, rent, budget, educational facilities, etc. So many criteria to be taken into account according to one’s needs and one’s expectations. All these factors combined, you can choose which arrondissement of Paris is the most pleasant to live in?


Where is it nice to live in Paris?

The L’île de la Cité, The L’île Saint-Louis, Latin Quarter, The Rue de Rivoli… and other emblematic places in the center of Paris are very pleasant to visit and to frequent, but to live there is another matter. These great tourist places exceed €10000 per square meter and are quickly filled with visitors once the warmer weather arrives. The price of the rent is not the only thing which increases as we move closer to the epicenter of the capital : the cost of living and hobbies follow the trend.

Families who are looking for a quiet apartment or a house appreciate the arrondissements of Western Paris (15th, 7th, 16th) which count a high rate of large apartments and are known for their tranquillity.

The arrondissements of Eastern Paris (10th, 11th, 12th, 19th, 20th) have the wind in their sails today because they are very dynamic and remain accessible in terms of budget. Among the different rankings available on the Web, a favorite stands out regularly: the 20th , which marks the border with the city of Montreuil, is a real illustration of the phenomenon of gentrification which marks Paris and its suburb for several years.


The 20th, the best arrondissement of Paris in 2017

The choice was not simple, but the results are there: the 20th arrondissement of Paris, located in the extreme East of the capital, would be the most pleasant area to live in. In the 20th, the price of square meter varies between €6000 and €7000, Ménilmontant street ; and from €7000 to €8000, at the Pyrénées street. Small studios cost approximately €140000, even €100000 euros if they already have a tenant.

Note that in Paris, more than 50% of accommodations are studios or two rooms. The size of an accommodation depends on the energy consumption and the amount of invoices. Take that into account while moving : the smaller your accommodation is, the more you have to choose the electric heating. The gas heater, more consistent, is more suitable for large spaces.

Why this unexpected choice, whereas the 20th is located at the extremity of the capital, far away from the effervescent of the center? Besides the park of Belleville and the social diversity that you can find at the Rue de Belleville and Ménilmontant, the 20th has the very famous Père Lachaise, which offers very beautiful walks in a quiet environment and pleasant coffee shops near Gambetta, Alexandre Dumas and Maraîchers.

This arrondissement have great advantages of being well served by public transport : the metro lines 3, 9 and 11 cross it. A disposal which allows to reach quickly the major places in Paris : Bastille, Nation, République, Gare de Lyon… The tram allows to explore the North and to reach to the Park of Villette in nearly 40 min. The neighborhood is just as lively and animated as it is peaceful and pleasant for anyone who is looking for tranquility. The 20th abounds with places of entertainment, of outings, but also more relaxing places to have a drink in a calm with the sunshine in back streets. The closeness of Bois de Vincennes sounds like living in the countryside in Paris.


Did you know? Since the end of 2016,  the city of Paris have been entirely covered by optical fiber.  Wherever the arrondissement you plan to move, for the internet box, find out more about the offers on fiber optic which your operator provides for to have a high speed internet connection at your home.