The Batignolles district in Paris

For many French people  « Batignole » is the name of the character played by Gérard Jugnot in the movie, « Monsieur Batignole ».

It is also a Parisian neighborhood spelled slightly differently : Les Batignolles. The Batignolles district is located in the North  part of Paris, in the 17th district and is a popular area.


Discovering the 17th district


Do you know the 17th district in Paris? It is part of those that possess a rich historical dimension. At first, it was the Montmartre hill. During the Middle Ages, two hamlets were formed around the Ternes and Monceau castles. During the 15th century, the Monceau castle is owned by the Clichy Seigneury. During the 18th century, there were more and more houses around the castles and what would later become the 17th district became a royal hunting area (until 1791).

In 1830, by Charles 1Oth orders, the Batignolles and Monceau villages were combined, thus forming one commune. Between 1841 and 1846, the Thiers fortifications around Paris that fixed the future district’s northern limits for almost a century were built.

The population of this blossoming commune continued to grow. In 1842, there were 14,000 inhabitants and in 1846, the number rose to 20,000. In 1860, when the 17th district was created, there were 65,000 inhabitants.

Several buildings were built then destroyed. Such is the case of the Columbia, a big theater with 6,000 seats, and the Printania. An amusement park (Luna Park) was created in 1909 and then demolished in 1948. It has been replaced since by the “Palais des Congrés”.

The 17th district went through both world wars, not without human and material losses. In 1954, nince years after the end of World War 2, the 17th district experienced a population peak with over 320,000 inhabitants.

In 2006, there were 161,327 inhabitants and in 2010, the construction and refurbishment of the future Cardinet/Batignolles district began.


Presentation of the Batignolles district


If you enjoy the “bobo attitude”, you will like the Batignolles district where the bourgeois bohemian spirit is very present. Both calm and charming, it is perfect for all generations, and whether people are single, in a relationship, and with or without kids.

Situated between Place de Clichy (South) and Porte de Saint-Ouen (North), it assembles very pleasant small restaurants, avant-garde boutiques, and organic food markets where nice smells and good humor are combined.

The “rue des Batignolles” is a true oasis for amateurs of small apparel shops, cafes, and other boutiques in the district. The rue Lemercier, rue Nollet, rue Levis, and rue des Dames are also there. Concerning public squares, there are the Place Docteur Félix Lobligeois as well as the Place Richard Baret.

Do you like going the market to stroll and relax? In that case, don’t miss the one in Batignolles. It is covered and offers good products at a fair price with a warm welcome.

Do you have a sudden desire to go green? Go take a stroll around the Batignolles Square, designed like an English Garden where the exotic vegetation and flora provide a true invitation to travel. Ducks, swans, and other water hens will be thrilled to receive a little bit of bread.

You can also go to the Martin Luther King park, that will be completed in 2018, and where the vegetation is very diverse. What is special about this park? Its 10 hectares of aquatic and gardened spaces, developed so that visitors can run, skateboard, play basketball, or enjoy a reading break.


A review of the real-estate in the Batignolles District of Paris


Did the description of the 17th district make you want to live there? What is the state of the real-estate market in the Batignolles District of Paris?

If you would like to buy an apartment there, it will cost you approximately 7,730 euros per square meter. The lowest price per square meter is 5,491 euros and the highest is 9,748 euros (estimates from July 2015).

For the people looking to rent, skimming through various advertisements will allow you to get an idea concerning the average rent in this sought after area.

Would you like to find student housing there? For a 10 square meter apartment, you will have to plan for a monthly budget of 570 euros, including charges and fees.

For an 80 square-meter, five-room apartment with three bedrooms, a monthly rent of 2450 euros including charges and fees will be demanded.

Would a surface area of 40 square meters be enough? Allow between 1,000 and 1,500 euros per month.

For a 23 square-meter apartment with one bedroom, a monthly rend of 920 excluding charges and fees will be demanded.

This prices can seem high, however it is important to consider the area that is very pleasant to live in, and the district which is extremely appreciated and therefore in high demand.


The Batignolles district in Paris : metro, bus and other restaurants


One of the many attributes of the Batignolles District in Paris is that it is very well covered by public transportation. Concerning the metro, for example, you can take lines 2, 3, or 13.

Furthermore, since December 2011, an 100% electric and silent mini-bus of 22 seats named la Traverse ensures transportation between the Bichat-Claude-Bernard Hospital (18th District) and the Batignolles. It performs an 8 kilometer loop and serves the Batignolles Market, the Navier Market, the Martin Luther King Park, and the Batignolles Square. It comes by every 15 minutes from Monday to Saturday, between 7:30 am and 8:30 pm and every 20 minutes on Sunday and bank holidays from 8:30 am to 7:30 pm. Accessible for people with limited mobility, it has large windows and a panoramic roof as well as air-conditioning.

Do you want to go out to eat in the Batignolles District? You will be able to choose between French, Lebanese, or Indian cuisine.

Finally, you will not have any trouble finding a bar, a café, or a cinema to take a break during the week or on the week-end.



Are you looking for a real-estate in the Batignolles District in Paris? Do not hesitate to contact us. See you soon !