Beautiful neighborhoods of Paris : a small tower next to Place Victor Hugo

It is no secret that Paris is a popular French city as strangers. And due, the capital of the Hexagon has many areas as charming to visit than pleasant to live. There are also places like the famous Victor Hugo in the 16th arrondissement.


Paris : presentation of the 16th district

Place Victor Hugo in Paris is therefore in the 16th district which is, in terms of area, the largest of the French capital. It is also the district with the most consulates and embassies. Similarly, there are numerous museums. Thus we find the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum Marmottan Monet or the Musée Galliera, aka the fashion museum of the city of Paris.

Much loved by tourists, the 16th district is also home to the Palais de Tokyo, the Trocadero or the Bois de Boulogne. For sports fans (s) it is must as it contains two racecourses (Longchamp and Auteuil), the park of Bagatelle and the Princes or Roland Garros. The 16th district? Definitely ‘the place to be “[1]!

The mayor of Paris has plans for this sector in particular with regard to real estate [2]. To date and as stated Ian Brossat, Paris councilor and deputy mayor of Paris in charge of housing and accommodation, the 16th arrondissement, known as a posh sector is the one with the lowest housing social. A situation that the municipality wishes to rectify since the law requires 25% of this type of housing so that there were only 3.7% in 2013. Five locations (Chardon Lagache street, square Possoz, Nicolo street …) have therefore chosen to build these future homes.

Anecdote : it is in reference to the 16th district as Strangers came out in 1991, the song Auteuil, Neuilly, Passy.

Consulates, museums, embassies, public housing … The 16th district can be described as rich and varied. In addition, it has an important place: the Place Victor Hugo.


The history of the place Victor Hugo in Paris

Victor Hugo is French literature of the 19th century what Terry Pratchett in British literature of XX and XXI centuries, that is to say, a true reference.

On 22 May 1885, the author of Les Miserables or Notre-Dame de Paris is extinguished in the City of Light. In December of the same year, a place of the 16th district changes its name and becomes the Place Victor Hugo.

Previously, she was called up Eylau. She was also the roundabout of Saint-Cloud, the roundabout Basins, that of La Plaine and finally the Hippodrome Square.

At the center of this square, a monument honoring Victor Hugo was inaugurated in 1902, 100 years after the birth of the writer. This monument of 11 meters high, directed by Louis-Ernest Barrias, is made of bronze and stone base. But when World War II broke out, the bronze part is used to make weapons. [3]

Since 1964, a beautiful large fountain which replaced the building homage to the poet, playwright and novelist Hugo that was.

Place Victor Hugo is known to all. But the question is: how is the real estate market in the Paris area?


Update on its property

Located next to the famous avenue Victor Hugo, instead of the same name is also located near restaurants and shops and is not part of Paris neighborhoods to avoid. Not surprisingly, then, is an area targeted by people looking to invest in real estate.

For an apartment, it will take about 10,804 euros per square meter, the lowest price is 9183 euros and 12,425 euros higher (estimated at 1 May 2015, prices expressed in net seller).

This is a posh sector, it is therefore not surprising to see the price per square meter can exceed 10,000 euros. By comparison, an estimated square meter costs an average of 8154 euros to Paris (all districts).

Realtors Place Victor Hugo is doing well despite a higher price per square meter than the average Parisian.

So what are the arguments that can convince a buyer to choose, in the long list of areas of Paris, this sector in particular?


Place Victor Hugo in Paris: metro, bus and other restaurants

Because many seeking to invest in a property located near shops and others, it is always interesting to know what a neighborhood, such as the Place Victor Hugo in Paris offers.

In Paris, transport is very used daily, metro bus via taxis and others. One of the strengths of Place Victor Hugo is that it is about a two minute walk from the metro station of the same name. Similarly, it is a sector which pass the bus (lines 52, 66 …).

The shops also abound at the Place Victor Hugo. Thus we find several pharmacies, banks, restaurants (sandwich shops, bakeries, bars, ice cream …) or jewelery.

In addition, many professionals, doctors as lawyers, have chosen to install their offices and offices Place Victor Hugo in Paris.

Regarding schools include institutions such as the homeopathic scientific institute, the ISG (Senior Management Institute) and the private school Passy Saint Honore (all located avenue Victor Hugo) or school group Saint Honoré of Eylau located avenue Raymond Poincaré.


Place Victor Hugo is one of the beautiful districts of Paris. Very popular with Parisians and others, it attracts many investors. It is not part of the dangerous neighborhoods of Paris and offers a very pleasant living environment. Looking to buy a property there? Feel free to use the services of our real hunters.