Things you should know before buying a Haussmannian apartment in Paris

You had a dream and now your dream will come true : you will become an owner of  a Haussmannian apartment in Paris ! But what exactly is a Haussmannian apartment? What should be considered if you decide to buy one? How to enhance it? Here, we give you some tips.



Why are those buildings called “Haussmannian”?


The Haussmannian buildings are named after Georges Eugène Haussmann, administrator and French politician of the 19th century

In 1857, he was appointed to the Senate. Ten years later, he became a member of the Academy of Fine Arts. Georges Eugène Haussmann gave his name to those buildings while Napoléon III wanted a renovation of the city of Paris. There were unprecedented constructions, economically, administratively and technically to transform the French capital. Therefore, it was referred to Haussmannian urban planning, adjective used  to qualify certain types of Parisian buildings and apartments.

What does a Haussmannian apartment in Paris look like?

Let’s start by talking about the building before focusing on the Haussmannian apartment itself.

Appeared in the 19th century, Haussmannian building is more modern than others buildings existed previously in the city of Paris. At a height of 12 up to 20 meters and consists of six floors at most, the Hausmannian building is characterized by an impressive and uniform facade around which it is built. The walls are made of stone, with mansard roofs – that means, they have two slopes, one very strong (the roof break) and the other which is less sloped  (the deck) – and the cornices, the moldings and the other pediments are common. Each floor is a modern apartment for a family. However, it’s not unusual to find 2 apartments on the 5th floor.
These different apartments overlook the main street (which may be seen today as a problem for people who are seeking for quiet place …) and they have identical windows, for harmony. Moreover, they have high ceiling and there are balconies on the 2nd and 5th floors . The drainage system is also new. The Haussmannian apartment is organized as follows :  an entrance leads to a long corridor and all the rooms of the apartment. The bathroom, as we know it today, does not exist.

The quality of the construction of Haussmannian buildings  is one of the important factors of their impressive success up to now.  The room size and the ceiling height are other reasons which explains the great demand from investors for these properties.

In addition, these buildings were modernized with the arrival of the elevator. Thus, in the 19th century, the apartments on the upper floor cost less than the lower ones and today, it is  the opposite of that.

Useful information and advice before buying a Haussmannian apartment in Paris

Would you like to buy a Haussmannian apartment in Paris ? First of all, and as mentioned above, remember that these apartments overlook the street. However, “street in Paris” means “high volumes of traffic”; and therefore, “noise pollution”. So,before buying this kind of apartment or building, it is useful to be informed about the traffic in the street/area .

You have to consider and evaluate your budget. You can have an idea of Haussmannian apartments price by reading various ad. In the 17th arrondissement, a seven-room property about 250 square meters on the second floor currently costs more than €2700000. Also in the 17th arrondissement, but on the fifth floor with balconies, a Haussmannian apartment of 200 square meters will cost €2 million.

Do not hesitate to visit several apartments in different arrondissements, pay attention to all the details, ask questions to the estate agent or their representatives (do you have any work to do, for example?), Think about the display and the layout of the rooms, as well as, their future design.

But finding a property requires time that you do not necessarily have. That’s why a real estate hunter may be the perfect solution. He takes charge of all steps of the purchase for you, he can also give advice. He can put you into contact with different professionals, from the mover to the interior designer. The latter can also help you design and enhance your apartment.

Tips for enhancing Haussmannian apartment in Paris

How to design a Haussmannian apartment ? Everyone has his favorite. it is all a matter of taste. However, we can always give you some ideas to enhance your apartment.

Talking about “Haussmannian apartment” talks about “large rooms” and “ceiling height” very important. To contrast with the moldings and other cornices 19th century style, choose contemporary furniture or design with modern materials such as PVC for tables and chairs or colorful fabric and even patterned for armchairs and sofas. Do not forget the accessories on the floor, like the carpets, and on the walls by hanging pictures here and there or by fixing shelves that you will have bought, or why not, made in recycled materials.

In the 19th century, some Haussmannian apartments had spaces for privacy, for reading, for example. You can completely transform these spaces into a fitted kitchen or office area. Or, keep their original role and create a cozy little corner where you can read, knit or listen to music with total peace of mind.

Do not forget chandeliers, lamps and mirrors. In addition to bringing depth to your apartment, these different items will give it style. Those small details make the difference in interior design!

Finally, you can enjoy nature with green indoor plants . They can be laid on the ground or hung on the walls or suspended.


Would you like to buy a Haussmannian apartment in Paris ? And do have any questions or do you simply want to have further information ? Feel free to contact us and we will discuss your project. See you soon !