Real estate purchase in Paris 16 : History and latest news in a family sector

You would like to buy a house or an apartment in Paris in the 16th district, but do you really know this area? Here we invite you to learn more about it through its history, as well as, the current state of its real estate market.


Real estate purchase in Paris 16 : price and examples of properties

Are you thinking about purchasing an apartment or a house? If you would like to make this property purchase in Paris 16th, here are some useful information about the prices in this area.


The situation of the real estate market in the 16th district

You are looking for a property in Paris and you want to focus your research on the 16th district? Know that on January 1, 2016, the price per square meter (in net seller), for an apartment, was on average €8458 ( and €6208 for the lowest and €10663 for the highest price). For a house, the average price per square meter is €9645 against €7080 for the lowest and €12160 for the highest price. The average cost of monthly rents per square is €27.10 (€20.30 for the lowest and €32.50 for the highest price). Let’s take concrete examples of properties for sale and for rent. It will help you to have a more accurate idea about ​​the prices according to surfaces and assets of the apartments and houses.


Real estate purchase in Paris 16 : examples of properties for sale and for rent

Would you like to rent a property in the 16th district? For a three-roomed apartment of about 70 square meters, located on the fifth floor with elevator, the monthly rent is about €2500 (charges included). For a 40 square meters located at the ground floor with two rooms including a  bedroom, you will pay around €1240 per month.

Do you need more surfaces? The monthly rent of a furnished apartment of 105 square meters (four rooms including two bedrooms), is about €3300 including charges. Renting a house with 9 to 12 rooms is also possible and the monthly rent vary between €8000 and €20000 including charges. Do you prefer to be owner of a property in the 16th district? For a two-roomed apartment of about 40 square meters, the price is about  €600000.

For a studio of nearly 20 square meters, you will need a budget of more than €310000. For a living area space greater than 100 square meters, the sale price of an apartment in the 16th exceeds one million euros. For houses for sale in the 16th, the prices are also expressed in millions of euros.

If your are determined to purchase a property in Paris in the 16th district, here are some information about public transport and other essential places of the area.


Real estate purchase in Paris 16 : to discover a much appreciated district

Located in western Paris on the right bank of the Seine, the 16th district has a rich and very interesting history. Considered as one of the most residential and beautiful area in Paris, it is particularly perfect for couples with children.


The 16th district’s key figures 

Do you know this? On January 1, 2013, Paris 16 had more than 173,000 inhabitants. Over 92,000 among them were registered on the electoral lists. Finally, more than 330 people work at the town hall of the 16th. Let’s also talk about green spaces in this area of ​​Paris. There are 59 hectares of public gardens and squares. These are divided into 33 green spaces. The Bois de Boulogne is a great park of 846 hectares. Finally, there are about 12,000 square meters of space such as schools, kindergartens and libraries. In addition, the 16th district offers a variety of businesses, schools and other child care centres  and libraries so it is a perfect place for family.


What to do in the 16th district?

Do you like taking a stroll in gardens and in other green spaces? We suggest you the Jardin du Pré Catalan, the Jardins du Trocadéro (botanical garden of Paris) or the famous Jardin d’acclimatation. If you prefer museums, you can visit the museum of  the Navy, the Cinema, the Clémenceau, the Guimet museum, the Museum of the Fashion and the Costume or the Museum of Modern Art.

Many historical monuments are situated in Paris 16 : the Cathédrale grecque Saint-Étienne, the Château de Bagatelle (Seine), the Palais de Chaillot and the Théâtre le Ranelagh. Various embassies (Ireland, Iceland, Madagascar …) are also located in Paris 16. Two of the most famous stadiums and sports arenas in the City of Paris are in the 16th district : the Parc des Princes and Roland Garros. We can also find the Longchamp and Auteuil racecourses there. Finally, the 16th district of Paris is a very dynamic city. Whether you would like to go for a walk or shopping, to go to the cinema for a break or to go to the restaurant, you will certainly find your happiness.


Public transport in 16th district of Paris

Do you need to move within the 16th district of Paris  and elsewhere? This is not a problem thanks to subway, bus and other lines. In fact, multiple subway lines (1, 2, 6 …), RER (A and C) and bus (22, 30, 32, 72 …) serve this area of ​​the town. There are also more than 60 Vélib ‘stations and thirty Autolib stations “. Sure, you can get around on foot, by bike, by two-wheelers or by car, or a taxi.


Would you like to purchase a property in Paris 16? Contact us and we will help you to realize your project.