The haussmannian building in 10 images

Paris is a famous city, because of its beautiful monuments and buildings. Among those buildings, there is the haussmannian style. Today, we focus on this style and its apartment and we invite you to discover or to rediscover in 10 images.


Haussmannian building and typical apartment

haussmannian building


When we talk about Haussmannian building, we have  in mind a designed stone facade. Regarding the building height, it varies between 12 and 20 meters and must be proportional to the street width without exceeding six floors. A haussmannian building has a high ceiling ground floor, mezzanine or entresol intermediate level, (name given to the first floor), a piano nobile floor with a balcony, two more classic floors, a fifth floor with long balcony as well and a top floor serving as a loft or service apartments.


Haussmannian building –  Typical mouldings


The mouldings on the ceiling or on the walls are one of the common characteristics of  haussmannian apartments. As they are well crafted, they illustrate an elegance and refinement. Nowadays, some people choose to repaint them in modern colour such as black or shade of taupe . Others prefer to keep them in white,  original colour.


Haussmannian building – Beautiful spaces


Another particularity that characterises the haussmannian apartment is its large spaces, from the living room to bedrooms and kitchen. Moreover, the nobler the floor is, the higher the ceiling height is.


Haussmannian building – Beautiful chimneys


We can’t talk about haussmannian apartments, without talking about their beautiful chimneys. It’s possible to modernise them by painting.


haussmannian building – Nice parquet floor


You have just to look at various pictures of haussmannian apartments to realize that the grounds are incredibly beautiful. The aesthetic and cozy parquet floor fits all styles of furniture.


 Haussmannian building – Very large windows


The haussmannian  apartment is also characterized by its large windows to let in daylight, which is very nice.


Haussmannian building – A superb entrance


The haussmannian apartments are almost designed in the same way, with a large entrance, with rooms served by a long corridor or a large reception room. In this photo, the entrance has been modernized with blue paint from floor to ceiling and the door.


haussmannian building – Comfortable rooms


Talking about haussmannian apartment refers also to beautiful spacious rooms which are bright and pleasant.


Haussmannian building –  Bathrooms mixing old and modern style


The charm of a haussmanian apartment comes from its old design that we can preserve and mix with some modern furnitures and furnishings (furniture, lighting, ornaments or other decorative items …).

Haussmannian building –  A balcony for the 2nd and the 5th floor

All floors of a Haussmanian building don’t always have a balcony. If you have the chance to have one, you can have plants there or a small chair to read a book , to listen to the music or just to have a break.


The haussmannian style has many assets. If you want to buy a haussmannian apartment, feel free to contact us directly and take advantage of our services.